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Major renovations and
post-disaster restoration

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Renovation Prud'homme is a general contractor located in the Outaouais region for over 16 years.
Our company specializes in major residential and commercial alterations as well the reconstruction of post-disaster restoration. We offer efficient and competitive solutions that allows our clients to treasure the peace and comfort of their home as soon as possible. Renovation Prud'homme is based on trust, we attain the recognition of our clientele by offering accessibility, stability with having the support of a local construction company. We work together with our clients and remain true to our core values; quality, honesty and hard work.

We promote innovation, that’s why our technical team of experts in all of our renovation and restoration projects.

Ultimately our goal is to provide a sense of normalcy in the lives of our customers with our quality construction services.

We understand that lasting relationships are the cornerstone of our business and we pay special attention to the needs of our clientele.

Several years of experience in the major renovation field permits us to offer you this level of service. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we will continue our mission of excellence.